Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking for good news

I really hadn't intended to post tonight, just quickly add a couple of links and catch up on sleep.

Then I noticed that Bebe Moore Campbell's web page was still listed on the blog. I took it down, but it really made me sad again. I went to her page and saw that information about the services in December was still there. Just not something I think about doing - removing a young author from my list. There are two of her books that I haven't read, though. So I do look forward to reading them and remembering her.

And, in Dallas, Black Images Book Bazaar closed on Dec. 30. I bought books from Emma Rogers when I was at NABJ in 2003. It seems we will lose all of the black bookstores. Here's a column that ran in the Dallas Morning News about the closing, by a local minister.

The main black bookstore in our city closed a couple of years ago, but I'm going to ask around to find out if anybody has a little shop somewhere - and go get some books. If it's not too late.