Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do Progressives need a book club?

We'll see about that book club. The Progressive Book Club launches tomorrow. I'm curious about their selections, but have always been wary of book and music clubs. I always fear I'm going to be sucked into a contract that I'll hate later. I wonder how they'll combat that feeling - I can't be the only progressive who shies away from such.
Read the NYTimes story.

Obama Moment

Earlier this week I was in love with this article about the reaction to Obama by Blacks in France. And very pleased to see an author quoted in it - I hope her book is or will be available in English. Her name is Leonora Miano and the book title is “Tels des Astres √Čteints” (“Like Extinguished Stars”).

Can't believe I missed it
Tananarive Due's book, Blood Colony, came out on June 3. I love her work and that storyline in particular. I can't believe I let the date get by me. I will get a copy in a week or so.

Upcoming and recent releases:
Palace Council, by Stephen L. Carter on July 8
The Importance of Being Dangerous, by David Dante Troutt on June 3 (love this title)
Catwalk, by Deborah Gregory on June 24
"Keeping Down the Black Vote: The Politics of Election Administration in America", by Frances Fox Piven, Lori Minnite, Margaret Groarke, Dec. 8, 2008
A Mercy, by Toni Morrison, Nov. 11, 2008 (set in the American past - that was the only description on Amazon - curious).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Will Scarlet ever fade?

I just read an article at Diversity Inc. about America's favorite books. The Bible is number one. No. 2? It's that old favorite, Gone With the Wind. It's the favorite across the whole group surveyed.

I still haven't read it. And I only saw the movie 8 years ago.

Maybe one day I'll read it. It is the second favorite book of our nation, supposedly.

Read the story for yourself.