Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick is all I've got, so here goes:

Did you know that they're selling bestsellers at Blockbuster? I really don't get that. But then again, I couldn't find a movie I wanted to see in the whole store tonight.

Pearl Cleage's daughter set up a fan page for her (Pearl, that is). That made me really happy - especially when posts began to show up from "pearl says." She's working on a new book of nonfiction. She's just getting started, but that book is on my must have list. Her work helped keep my life on track - and gave me strength and solace when I really needed it. With Mad at Miles and I Dream a World (which is not by Pearl) I feel like l can do anything.

I am too tired to go around doing links now, so this is just a rambling missive.

Mysteries - I need a good thriller to read this week, but I'm picky. I want diverse primary characters, preferably a woman at the helm, some social issues, and not a cozy. (My cozy phase is a few years back). Any recommendations?