Thursday, November 29, 2007

All I want for Christmas - books and two days of quiet

I doubt seriously that I'll get both those items, but I can always dream. In lieu of having all my dreams come true, I'll hunting for some good reads for this month.

One book I'm getting closer to buying is Nathan McCall's Them, reviewed in the LATimes by Paula L. Woods (whose mysteries I love, btw). He's appearing at the Margaret Mitchell House (which makes me laugh for multiple reasons) in Atlanta on Dec. 6 and at Medu Bookstore in Greenbriar Mall on Dec. 8. Tina McElroy Ansa will also be at the Medu event with a bunch of other authors - make a day of it.

And, as my mother says, I'm switching subjects now ...

I love it that Nichelle Tramble is a writer on Women's Murder Club. I only watched it because of her talking about it on her blog and I really love the show. I am a police procedural junkie anyway, so it was kind of an easy sell. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't have her novels yet. (Okay - so that's my to do for today, order them!)

She's also been posting about the WGA strike. Here's a news story about black writers who are participating in the strike. I hope it's resolved soon, since I think they're right, I don't like reality shows, and I really count on my taped shows for diversion.