Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick hits on a couple of resources

Deberry/Grant - the two-woman writing team - has a new book out, Gotta Keep on Tryin'. It's the sequel to their first novel.

And on their blog, they referenced Connie Briscoe's blog - which is fabulous! She is interviewing authors and publicists. Recent interviews include Deberry/Grant, Lolita Files (who also has a blog) and Connie writes about writing. Go see - and bookmark it.

An unfinished work by Richard Wright has been pieced together and published. Tayari Jones says - leave dead authors' work alone.

Here's the review of the book, A Father's Law, from the NYTimes.

And from the review:
But context is one thing; text is another. In this case, text threatens to ambush context before context even gets to town. “A Father’s Law” is not simply an unfinished novel; it is an unfinished novel in abject need of revision. Its flaws are so many and so foregrounded that they all but dare the reader to work through them and engage the ideas with which Wright was grappling. Without having first read his thunderous classics, one might plausibly dismiss this author as a tendentious, technically na├»ve amateur and disdain the works that made him indispensable in American letters.

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