Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pearl Cleage's new site

I love to visit my favorite authors' web sites - and even sites of authors I haven't read yet. It amazes me sometimes when I see a site for a big name author and it is really out of date or just doesn't seem to match in quality the author's reputation, writing or popularity.

Pearl Cleage's web site used to be one of those.

Now do not start sending me daggers or evil comments. I love Pearl Cleage. There are no two ways about that.

But it made it hard to understand why she didn't have a better site.

All that is over, now. She has new site design (I'm just seeing it now, so it may be a couple of months old). It looks fabulous! See it here.

And, as a fan, I looked at all the pictures and, as usual, the appearances to see if she would be anywhere near my town.

Anyway - it's a great site and, I think, a much better fit for the wonder and wisdom of Ms. Cleage.

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