Friday, October 03, 2008

Jail or Bailout? Political books

Do you think the folks behind our financial mess should go to jail? Someone over at Rushmore Drive thinks so..

Political books are all the rage - literally. I can't believe folks gave grief to Gwen Ifill over her upcoming book on race and politics. What's really cool, though is that her publisher must really love the huge promotional (free!) attention she received as people argued about it.

And wouldn't you know it - it's already available for pre-order at Amazon. Yep, her publisher must love all this attention.

If you look at the "customers who bought this" list below, almost all of the titles are very anti-left, Barack-bashing or Palin/McCain lifting books. Strange, since there was an implication that Ifill's book would be pro-Barack. If it's pro-Barack, why does Amazon try to hook the user up with anti-left, anti-progressive titles.

Is there a glitch or is somebody trying to pull a cyber hoodwink?

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