Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry, Obama shelf, vacation reading

There will be a poet reading at the inauguration. It gets better every day. I am going to have to get a working television by Jan. 19!

The poet is Elizabeth Alexander. She's African American and a professor at Yale. Her parents took her to the march on Washington in 1963. Beautiful.

Poetry is not my top reading choice. I've been bumping into poetry a lot lately, so it's time I integrated it into my reading. And I certainly can't wait to hear what she'll read.

I was in Books a Million last week and noticed a whole end shelf of Obama titles. Most I had not seen before, including two about Michelle Obama. They are a cottage industry right now. Hopefully it will give the book business a boost.

And, I'm working on a list of books to read over the holiday break. I'll post it if I enjoy them.

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