Friday, March 13, 2009

A new book from an old favorite, other links

Paule Marshall has a new book out - it's a memoir. Here's the review in the NYTimes.

The book, Triangular Road, is a memoir about writing and finding her voice in the triangle formed by Barbados, Africa and Brooklyn. I read Brown Girl, Brownstones in college, where I was just beginning to learn about the connections from the U.S. to the Caribbean and Africa.

That triangle has been very important in my own thinking about my places in the world, so I'm excited about hearing what Paule Marshall has to say. She's on tour, she's 79 and still writing.


I'm falling in serious like with ...

Literary Obama, a blog about all things literary related to the Obama family. A wonderful idea, the blog is edited by a literature professor in South Carolina - making me even more interested, since I'm an OCG - Original Carolina Girl.

The Practicing Writing blog. I need all the tips and updates on practicing as I can get. So I try to check it daily. Nope, it's not African American - just writing. Still applies.

A recent invite I received to a baby shower - with a request for books by and about African American, Caribbean and African girls and women. I can't go to the shower, but I can't wait to buy the books for this baby's library. I have lots of ideas, but if you've heard of something really new and cool featuring "us" please send a note ...


Qiana said...

Hi there! Thanks for the link love and for giving me an opportunity to explore your fabulous blog. And in terms of books for the baby's library: I am a big fan of anything illustrated by Kadir Nelson (my daughter loves "Please, Puppy, Please"), and her other favorites include, "Whose Toes are Those" and "Lola at the Library."

blackbookblogger said...

Thanks, Qiana. I love Kadir Nelson and will include one or more of his books.

Erika D. said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying Practicing Writing--thank you for the link.