Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Something to celebrate with #blacklitchat

When I hear that a favorite author of mine has a new book coming out, I get excited. No surprise, right? However, even as much as I read about books, browse for books, talk about books, etc., I sometimes miss new titles or the latest from an author.

There’s so much “noise” in our lives now that while we have more sources for information, we have so much information that we can’t keep up. Well, I can’t keep up – can’t speak for everybody else.

So I want to begin celebrating the publication dates of books that I’m excited about on social media. I think that publishers and bookstores probably look for books to do well very quickly and if they don’t then it’s probably a little bit over for them.

Beyond my own need to keep up with what’s new on the shelves or on our e-readers, I want to drum up a little excitement (oh, a lot actually) for Black books.

You are, of course, invited to join in. And this is really simple. Just post, tweet (or RT) a congratulatory note for a new book on the day it’s published. That’s it. It of course would be great if you would also pre-order or buy the book.

I know that publication dates shift and books ship early sometimes (I LOVE that), but I’ll use the date on the publisher’s web site or on

Here’s my list of select* upcoming publication dates:

You Are Free, by Danzy Senna – May 3 (I missed this one actually – but so happy to see it.)

Just Wanna Testify, by Pearl Cleage – May 10

Silver Sparrow, by Tayari Jones – May 24 (but this one is shipping early!!!)

No One in the World, by E. Lynn Harris and RM Johnson – June 7 (Still sad ELH is gone).

Money Can’t Buy Love, by Connie Briscoe – June 27

32 Candles, by Ernessa T. Carter (paperback) – June 28 (one of my favorites from 2010)

Children of the Street, by Kwei Quartey – July 12

*Please do post upcoming titles that you hear about (or have coming out) in the comments section. Please do not be offended if I don’t add your suggested title to this list. I will add some, but I won’t promise to add every title that is sent my way. Thank you.

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