Friday, January 01, 2010

Into the new year

Today has been a wonderful day. I woke up with what felt like the beginning of a cold, but I pressed on anyway. And made the New Year's brunch and just chilled at home (well, after the cooking, clean up, playing with kids, etc).

And it has been one of the best days I've had in years.

So I am quite hopeful for the new year.

I'm looking forward to reading more authors (new to me authors), releases from favorite authors (inc. Pearl Cleage and Tayari Jones) and doing more of my own writing here on the blog and elsewhere.

A few thoughts and links:
New Year's resolutions - shouldn't we really keep quiet about those until March? It would make more sense to talk about the new habits you've kept up with once there's some data that you'll stick to it.

Book of the year?:
USA Today named Kathryn Stockett's book, The Help, book of the year. I'm mystified. It's still on my to-be-read list. But I am dragging my feet a bit.

Kids lit - Books about President Obama:
There's a post on the WaPost's book blog about kids books about Pres. Obama. A professor has been keeping tabs on books about presidents. In Pres. George W. Bush's first year in office there were 6 kids books published about him. In President Obama's first term - there have been 48 kids books published about him. Amazing (and wonderful, too).

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