Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday links

I'm working toward finding balance between blog posts and Twitter and Facebook. So tonight I'm going to cross post from Twitter to here - I don't have a tool for it, so this is the old fashioned copy and paste way!

Erika Dreifus of the Practicing Writing blog is now on Twitter. Check out her blog and her feed. (for the uninitiated, Erika posts job opportunities, contests, journal calls and more for writers.)

Lynn Neary (NPR) talks to Dolen Perkins-Valdez about her debut novel, Wench, and the relationships between owners and slaves. Listen here.

Junot Diaz critiques President Obama's storytelling ability. It's an interesting essay. Stories are really important to our understanding of the world and how we make decisions. I'm thinking about Diaz' idea that President Obama - an excellent storyteller - has dropped the ball now that he's in office. Is part of the problem that, from outside the White House, he told his stories too well and people now are unwilling to settle for any less than the wonderful way he painted that picture of hope. In other words did he draw us into setting our expectations too high?

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