Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favorites from 2010

Next week in #blacklitchat (Sunday, 12/19, 9 p.m. ET), we'll discuss the best Black books of the year. Bestselling novelist and independent publisher Tina McElroy Ansa will be our special guest co-host for the chat.

To prepare for the discussion, I'm checking out the traditional Best of 2010 lists on newspaper and media sites. I'm also looking at blogs for picks.

If you are doing a best of 2010 list and have Black authors on the list, let me know. I'd love to shout out your blog during the chat or link it hear.

And whether you have a blog or not, please do drop in the titles you think should be in the running for the best Black books of 2010 in comments.

The books I'd like to feature are the ones that standout is new classics. The authors take history and bring a new perspective; they create characters who surprise us and defy stereotype; they take us to places we couldn't have imagined, but which are vibrant and real on the page.

These are the books that you share with friends and say, you must read this. The ones professors will build classes around. The books that you absolutely have to re-read and that bring you something new every time you experience the story.

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Literary Marie said...

My favorite of this year include:

32 Candles by Ernessa Carter
Substitute Me by Lori Tharps
Tempted by Trouble by EJD

I'm doing a blog post during the last week of December with my top books of 2010. (

See you at the chat next Sunday!