Sunday, July 21, 2002

Bush Burden

Noelle Bush is a troubled young woman. She's serving time in a drug rehab program in Orlando after faking a prescription for Xanax. She's also the granddaughter of a president, niece of a president (that sounds like a joke, doesn't it) and daughter of a governor. An article yesterday in the Orlando Sentinel talks about the pressures such a lineage hold for her. And the mostly sympathetic piece talks about her brother's very different and successful life as a young politician and law student.

What I want to know is, why this particular addict is getting the kid glove treatment? Is being born into one of the most powerful families in the country such a burden? I mean, if you can be a slacker with that kind of pedigree, you must really be working at it. Anyway, I'm sure she'll get straighted out in time for the 2002 election (her father's) and 2004. Perhaps they'll even marry her off and get her hidden for good.

In other addiction news

Normally, I wouldn't even read a story from The Enquirer, much less reference it. But alas, never say never. I heard on the radio (Tom Joyner's tease this weekend) that Eric Benet was in rehab for sex addiction. Had to go get that. The Enquirer "broke" the story. Apparently this is the attempt to save the marriage with Halle. Now I don't want to make light of a brotha's problems or medical terms, but is there really such a thing as sex addiction? Or is he just a playa who doesn't know how to quit? Because if this sex addiction thing is taken too seriously, I can see all kinds of playas getting over on that. "Well, baby, you know I got that problem - that addiction."

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