Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Oooh, child

Austin Powers in Goldmember (yes, they do mean that member) starts this weekend. Beyonce Knowles of Destiny's Child is in it as Foxxy Cleopatra, a spoof of female blaxploitation icons. She's on the cover of a couple of magazines and with that blonde hair (or is a weave) and the way she's shot, she's looking kind of "exotic." As in, 'we think she's beautiful because she's just a little bit black, but not enough to scare us off.' I'm amazed that that is still the way Hollywood sees black women - and the only way to some extent. Think Halle, Vanessa, Beyonce, and some of the television folks, like Nicole Ari Parker and Sallie Richardson. To be a black woman at the megaplex or in primtime, it seems you've got to be on the light side. Anybody seen Angela Bassett lately?

And is the returning fascination with blaxploitation's stereotypical images tied to this color struck casting? Beyonce isn't alone. Halle is set to star in an updated Foxy Brown. Does this mean less boob footage? Considering Halle's latest work, I don't think so!

I am glad to hear that Halle will be starring in Nappily Ever After, based on the Trisha R. Thomas novel.

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