Saturday, May 30, 2009

Books for Summer

There are a lot of interesting books that have either just come out or are coming up. I'm going to be getting some of these, but I know I won't get to review them for awhile. So I'm just going to pick some, throw up some links and hopefully help introduce them to some readers who haven't heard about them otherwise.

If you know of a hot book coming out this summer, post it in the comments. It's really important to get the sales going in the first few weeks and months of publication. And if money is tight - request a copy from your local library. Library orders matter.

So today, I found Felicia Pride's interview with Farai Chideya, whose debut novel, Kiss the Sky is out.
Read the Pride interview.
Buy it: Amazon Charis Powells

And I'm really curious about Percival Everett's I Am Not Sidney Poitier. Mostly because of what Martha Southgate posted about Sapphire's PUSH and the movie based on it, Precious.

I think of PUSH as one of the most wrenching books I've ever read. It didn't offend me - I thought it was beautiful and crushing, similar to the way The Bluest Eye affected me years ago. Sapphire gives us just one (horrendous and tough) story of the human experience.

Anyway, Martha says that Everett's Erasure is the counterpoint - a funny, intelligent one - to PUSH. So, I'll start with that novel of his. Here are the details on I Am Not Sidney Poitier.
Reviews: Time Out New York

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